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Generators and Polarizers of Torsion Waves


All the living organisms on Earth are exposed to the effects of numerous physical factors. Among these factors one may differentiate the following: electromagnetic radiation of a wide frequency spectrum, geomagnetic as well as electric fields which surround the Earth, gravitational field and torsion waves fields. The last two have already been described theoretically in terms of space-time. It was possible after Szypow and Akimow expanded Einstein’s general relativity theory. This specialized research is classified as wave mechanics issue.


Torsion waves, of terrestrial origin, have been used in medicine relatively recently. Similarly to the Earth’s gravitational field, the field of terrestrial torsion waves has the greatest impact on the living organisms inhabiting our planet. Even the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, pre-Columbian culture of South America could intuitively feel the impingement of the above mentioned fields. Obviously, people did not realize then the importance and the properties of such waves.


In natural conditions torsion waves can be polarized dextrorotatorily or levorotatorily and do not have large intensity as they are diffused. Scientific research indicate a huge usefulness of torsion waves in medicine under condition that they have circular dextrorotatory polarization and a proper intensity. The situation is similar to the one describing light properties. Polarized light has definitely more medical importance than non-polarized one.


In order to take advantage of torsion waves in medicine, proper concentrators of wave energy should have been built. Next, the waves should have been given dextrorotatory polarization. And it was P.P.H.U.TORST Company that has worked out such devices, called respectively torsion generators and torsion polarizers. The rights to these appliances have been reserved and reported in the Polish Patent and Trademark Office and have a proper legal protection. Moreover, they have a certificate given by the Institute of Industrial Medicine. The reaction on torsion waves emitted by our generators and polarizers on model cellular structures known as granulocytes as well as on laboratory animals was tested in Poznań School of Medicine. The activation of cellular breathing process as well as greater resistance of the immunity system were noticed. There were no side effects, in medical terms,  detected as far as dextrorotatory torsion waves are concerned. There were also some clinical effects of torsion dextrorotatory waves on living organisms identified. The contraindications and prescriptions to use torsion waves for therapeutic purposes are given below.


While using generators and polarizers of torsion waves for therapeutic purposes, one should remember about some conditions that exclude the use of the devices.

Generators and polarizers cannot be used in the following cases:

1.     The presence of electric implants in the body (heart stimulator, insulin pumps)

2.     Pregnancy

3.     Tumor and Aids disease



The above mentioned contraindications refer to all generators and polarizers of torsion waves.


It is recommended to use generators and polarizers of torsion waves for therapeutic purposes in the following diseases of:

  1.  Circulatory system:

a)     improve peripheral blood supply

b)    regulate hypertension

c)     diminish lymphatic swelling

d)    assure proper absorption of haematoma

  1. Respiratory system

a)     improve gas exchange by means of activating oxygen diffusion to blood and carbon dioxide to bronchial sacs.

  1. Immune system:

a)     Activate phagocytes by means of increasing electrons transport in the respiratory chain and increasing protons transport across internal mitochondrial membrane

  1. Tissue system

a)     increase regeneration processes of soft tissues

b)    accelerate injuries and bone fractures healing

c)     influence beneficially degenerative diseases

d)    influence beneficially oxygen and oxygen-free breathing of tissues

  1. Normalize and accelerate metabolic and rehabilitative processes
  2. Reduce stress quickly in stressful situations

General description

Generators and polarizers are torsion waves concentrators giving them circular dextrorotatory polarization. Not only is it beneficial for therapeutic purposes but also for the functioning of inanimate matter. The main function of torsion forces and waves was explained by Szypow and Akimow on the basis of contemporary quantum mechanics. For such purposes, they expanded the general theory of relativity by Einstein and introduced additional dimensions and torsion forces of time-space discussed earlier by Einstein.


Torsion waves, gravitational filed, solar radiation, geomagnetic field and earth electric field constitute physical forces that influence all life processes of living creatures.


Terrestrial torsion waves do not have large energy as they are diffused, and dextrorotatory and levorotatory polarizationin natural conditions. Generators and polarizers condense torsion waves energy and give them dextrorotatory polarization.


The influence of dextrorotatory torsion waves on cellular models (granulocyte system) was examined. As a result, frequency of cellular breathing as well as cellular immunity were detected. Animal experiments and research on the sick resulted in determining positive clinical effects of the waves influence on the living creatures.

No negative biological effects of torsion waves on living organisms were detected.


Ad. 1. Torsion Polarizer (PT)–01 (a cube)

Prescriptions for therapeutic purposes in the following disease of: circulatory system (hypertension, decrease of blood viscosity), respiratory system (asthma), immune system (rheumatism, diabetes II).


Ad. 2. Torsion Polarizer (PT)–02 (a charm)

Prescriptions for therapeutic purposes in the following disease of: circulatory system (hypertension, decrease of blood viscosity), respiratory system (asthma), immune system (rheumatism, diabetes II).


Ad. 3. Torsion Polarizer PT–03 (an elastic band on the shoulder)

Prescriptions: used in the following conditions: pains of shoulder joint or cervical vertebrae, stressful states.


Ad. 4. Torsion Polarizer PT–04 (elastic band on the stomach)

 Prescriptions: used in conditions of backbone in the lumber region; lever, pancreas or stomach, diseases of small intestine.


Ad. 5. Torsion Polarizer PT–05 (an elastic band on the hip)

Prescriptions: used in conditions of hip joints, backbone in the lumber region, kidneys and prostate gland problems.


Ad. 6. Torsion Polarizer PT-06(an elastic band on the knee)

Prescriptions: conditions of knee joint, leg muscles, varicose veins and sciatica.


Ad. 7. Torsion Polarizer PT–07 (an elastic headband)

Prescriptions: conditions of head (headaches also migraine); psycho-physical problems (facilitates concentration, improves memory)


Ad. 8. Torsion Polarizer PT–08 (an elastic band on the wrist joint)

Prescriptions: rheumatic conditions of the arm, wrist ligament apparatus (improves its strengthening).


Ad. 9. Torsion Polarizer PT–09 (an elastic band on the ankle joint of the lower limb)

Prescriptions: conditions of the ankle joint of the lower limb (reduces pain and swelling); blood circulation in lower limbs ( improves blood circulation).


Ad. 10. Torsion Polarizer PT–10 (a disk of concentric metal bands)

Prescriptions: conditions of lower limbs and arms (reduces pain and swelling of the foot joints and palm joints, improves blood circulation in the limbs), rheumatism of hand and foot joints,

Ad. 15. Torsion Polarizer PT–15 (a PT –01 cube immersed in an aquarium)

It is recommended to use a PT-15 inside of an aquarium to improve the quality of water. Torsion waves cause an enlargement of internal water structure (enlargement clusters’ volume) limiting the development of fungi, mold and their spores.


Ad. 17. Torsion Polarizer PT–17 (a charm for cattle)

Prescriptions: conditions of immune system (increases immunity and animal vitality), psycho-physical conditions (improvement of concentration and activity).


Ad. 18. Torsion Polarizer PT–18 ( a disk put at an animal feeder)

Prescriptions: conditions of immune system (increases immunity and animal vitality), psycho-physical conditions (improvement of concentration and activity).


Ad. 33. Torsion Polarizer PT–37 ( a stick-on disk)

It results in the decrease of magnetic or electromagnetic inductions emitted by cell phones, computers, TV sets and other electric and domestic appliances (by more than 50%). This is why it is recommended to use in such devices.


Ad. 36. Torsion waves generator GT–1HPT

The generator GT – 1 HPT (one-punctual) concentrates the energies of torsion waves 150 times more in comparison to other polarizers.

Prescriptions: conditions described in the case of all the polarizers. It should be used 3 times a day for 20 minutes. After 10 days the treatment should be continued by means of polarizers.  A GT–1HPT can be used in domestic and specialized conditions, doctor’s offices and physio-therapeutic ones.


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